If you are exercising on a regular basis or you have developed an incorrect posture due to your job or sedentary lifestyle, at some point you will experience muscular aches or pains which could stop you from doing what you enjoy the most. We can help.

Ultimate Injury Prevention Screening
At USTP we focus on full-body assessment and use our Ultimate Injury Prevention Screening (UIPS) concept to look for deficiencies and weaknesses that could be the cause of the injury.

At USTP our therapists use a wide range of evidence-based techniques, such us joint mobilization, sports massage and myofascial release, ultrasound, electrotherapy and kinesio taping to bounce back from injury or surgery in the most efficient and effective method.

Performance Rehabilitation
At USTP our focus is on getting you back to your sport and daily activities as quickly and effectively as possible. Our results continue to prove that through the development of a rehabilitation programme specific to your needs we are able to reduce the recovery process and maximize your performance at the same time.


USTP programmes are created to improve performance by building strength and power while identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability to help decrease the potential for injury. Our athletes receive personalised training programmes based on their sport and physiological needs. At USTP we put a significant emphasis on training movement and correcting biomechanical dysfunction to support the physical demands athletes require to perform in their sports.


At USTP we offer an in depth and personal nutrition plan through training, competition and off season. This includes carrying out analysis of a 7-day food diary, assessment of your normal daily activities over a week and the creation of a tailored nutrition plan specifically for you. We can also offer advice on nutrition strategies to optimize gains and performance in training and competition as well as information on the appropriate nutrition supplements that will aid your progression and competitive results.


We provide a range of tailored techniques and mental skills aimed to improve the mental aspect of performance. Our aim is not only to improve performance using these techniques but to educate the athletes on these strategies so that they become mindful of their thoughts, feelings and emotions and how they can integrate the techniques if and when needed. We tailor sessions based on the needs of the individual of the teams. Examples of areas that we can improve include: performance profiling, effective goal setting and reflection, lifestyle management, effective preparation for performance, performance under pressure, team building and attentional control.