At USTP we cover all aspect of pre-season preparation. We would test your team respective of their needs; this would be carried out using professional testing equipment methods. We would also provide a pre-season strength and conditioning program and sports therapy on the weekly basis plus nutrition and sports psychology workshops at the beginning of the season for your players



At USTP we offer an entire sports medicine service. We would run a pre-season for your team, in-season strength and conditioning preparation with sports therapist attending training days helping your players to return quickly and effectively back to the game after the injury. The sports therapy support would be provided throughout the season during match days providing both pre game preparation and pitch side.



At USTP we use scientific based methods to improve your athletes’ performance. A number of physiological assessments such as strength, power, speed, agility, endurance and mobility tests will be carried out using professional testing equipment.



Ultimate Injury Prevention Screening is a method developed in house by the company and it has been specifically designed to highlight the potential risk of injury. We used the latest research of the human kinetics in order to design this unique test. We use video analysis of the multi-joint movement in order to detect any biomechanical dysfunctions. We also use a variety of therapeutic hands on special test and manual muscle strength tests using hand hold dynamometer in order to highlight any athletes strength deficits that may increase the risk of injury.



We offer nutrition analysis using a 7-day food diary bespoke plans to help players optimize training gains and performance. We can also offer advice on suitable supplements that can aid performance and training as well as workshops to teach players and staff how to maximize their diet. These include workshops on:

  • Supplementation
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Calories
  • Hydration (and alcohol)
  • Healthy Eating



We provide a range of tailored techniques and mental skills aimed to improve the mental aspect of performance. Our aim is not only to improve performance using these techniques but to educate the athletes on these strategies so that they become mindful of their thoughts, feelings and emotions and how they can integrate the techniques if and when needed.  We tailor sessions based on the needs of the individuals of the teams. Examples of areas that we can improve include: performance profiling, effective goal setting and reflection, lifestyle management, effective preparation for performance, performance under pressure, team building and attention control.